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Welcome to Kreasindo

PT Kreasindo Eratek Dinamika (Kreasindo) was established on 29th of January 1977 by Yayasan Pertambangan dan Energi (YPE) who intends to grasp many business opportunities especially, in Energy and Mining Department (DESDM) environment, and otherís opportunities out of DESDM generally.

Hopefully, Kreasindo profit gain would be contributed to the prosperity of all employee in Energy & Mining Department through YPE, therefore, as the major shareholder of Kreasindo, YPE expect an increasing of performance and professionalism in management of Kreasindo.

In May 1, 2007, PT Kreasindo has a New Management, who hopefully could fulfill the expectation above, as an autonomous company and as a holding company of many of other YPE businesses. The new management has arranged the philosophy of company as base and direction to determine the mission, vision, and culture (MVC) of company.

New Management has commitment to bring the mission, vision, and culture in all activity of company continuously which expected would increase cooperation among personnel in the company, and with business partners of Kreasindo as well.

Acknowledge that the growth and development of company depends on trust and willingness to cooperate given by business partners of Kreasindo both in and out of DESDM environment, therefore, developing a good relation and increasing a trust from business partners, to be based in each personnel in doing their work.

Eventually, in the near future Kreasindo business activities would grow bigger and developed with remain based on social responsibility and fulfill the mission to YPE.